Friday, September 6, 2013

Cuccinelli: a Governor Who Values Values

Cuccinelli Cares

Ken Cuccinelli  is a compassionate conservative, a level-headed man with a deep sense of values, honor and integrity. He's the real deal.

While the disease of progressivism is sweeping the Nation - outsourcing it's controversial, questionable values and socially-irresponsible mandates, there are some old-school Politicians who are honest, who play fair; who heed the will of their constituents - not unseen, out-of-town lobbyists, campaign donors and career political allies.

Ken is a principled Christian with a compassionate, humble demeanor. He is the polar opposite of everything his opponent, Terry McAuliffe,  is not. He is a Politician who answers to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He exemplifies values and principles which are healthy to all Virginians.

Virginia is a proud bastion of Appalachian family values; a God-fearing Bible-belt on the Atlantic. These values and sensibilities are no accident, and their perpetuation is not something we can ever take a gamble with by electing an untested, unprincipled hack of the stripe (McAuliffe) that has tainted the values and legacies of so many other places (Illinois, Massachusetts, for example).

To gauge his effectiveness, look at the tidal wave of propaganda created to smear discredit Ken. Look at all the negative campaign ads.

Terry McAuliffe, his opponent in this race, exemplifies values that are the polar opposite of  Ken Cuccinelli's.  He is a cut-throat, ruthless power-monger with a cavalier disregard of  the People of Virginia's will; a shrewd, narrow-minded lobbyist with special-interest tunnel-vision. In his autobiography, he once called himself a "hustler", and that's no title any public official can ever wear with pride.

To compensate for what he has not, he must tarnish everything Ken Cuccinelli has. His upwardly-mobile smear-campaign machine is absolutely packed with dollars for synthesizing a dishonest, fraudulent caricature of Ken Cuccinelli. He has just enough dough to buy the perfect (despicable) face to plaster onto his opponent. He also uses airplane banners to slander Ken, and with billboards, paid for by NexGen, a wealthy, controversial CA. environmentalist group (who has spent 1 million in campaign ads to smear Cuccinelli). Story here:

Ken Cuccinelli's opposition has ramped up their political thuggery into overdrive, creating a Cuccinelli imposter to go around Va. to embarrass him. -  makeup, prosthetics and all. Such shoddy, dishonorable ethics are exactly what Kens political opposition have in store for Va. if they're elected.

Why does Ken Cuccinelli represent such a nightmare for all these shoddy liberals?

His values.

See, his opponents are wise and wary of the implications of his Governor's office residency - information the voting public haven't been so privy to: things like the reckless promotion of homosexuality,  and the supposed 'right' to be able to sacrifice unwanted, unborn children on the altar of convenience (abortion), and the irresponsible goals of those who wish to get those and other questionable values and ethics reflected in and affirmed by the sex-ed curriculum at your kids' schools. It is these people - these liberal lobbyists, operatives and activists - who intensely fear the leadership of godly, honorable men like Ken Cuccinelli.

Progressivism is that system of seedy and radical liberal ethics that are undermining and eroding morality and Constitutional freedoms, via extensive infiltration of the Media and Academia, and is a social-engineering force indoctrinating young people to deny and discard their godly values and sensibilities, supplanting them with social-engineering of the kinds that lead us, as a society, straight down into a cesspool of depravity - that anything-goes realm of deviant expression glamorized in the Media, video games, and the like.

Principled conservatives like Ken are wary and mindful of the unseemly byproducts of this Brave New World - this secular world glamorized, endorsed, and promoted by the liberal elite - career allies of Terry McAuliffe, who endorses and embraces those aforementioned, decadent trends.

Terry McAuliffe is ardently pro-abortion, and has thrown in his lot with it's aggressive promotion. He is also a stalwart supporter of the train wreck known as Obamacare.

Terry McAuliffe is an untested hack, a democratic party puppet, buoyed by out-of-town environmental extremists' campaign dollars and other leftist special interest groups. Prior to his candidacy for governor, McAuliffe has shown very little interest in Virginia public office and affairs. In his last failed gubernatorial bid, he attempted a public-relations rebound to bolster his credentials as a supposedly successful businessman- establishing Greentech Automotives, a factory he initially promised to build "right in the heart of Virginia", but built it in another state. Said factory is perpetually failing, and is being hammered by a federal investigation for allegedly using his Clinton political connections for illicitly granting U.S. entry visas to overseas investors. So much for bolstering his credentials.

McAuliffe has backed measures to restrict parents' rights to homeschool their children, something his liberal elite brethren are also fighting against.Terry McAuliffe has taken a hostile position against the region's coal industry, saying, "As governor, I never want another coal plant built" In May, he visited the Bristol, Va. headquarters of coal producers Alpha Natural Resources, which has contributed $10,000 to his campaign. After the visit, he told reporters "I was over at Alpha Natural Resources talking about what they need done to make sure we have a healthy work force of coal, that coal can continue….We need to make sure we do what we need to, to make sure this vital industry here in Virginia continues to grow". Now how's that for shifting values? Terry McAuliffe has a long history of embracing positions out of political convenience, not personal convictions.
Virginians have a choice. We have a choice in who we entrust with our State's path forward.

People who live by faith and values are instinctively and overtly aware of the tidal wave of depravity that has overtaken and inundated our culture.

Things like wide scale sex, violence and disgraceful living, which are glamorized and marketed in the Media - and by the liberal elite - which young people in societies everywhere often emulate and pattern themselves after. Ken Cuccinelli has done a lot of work combating sex crimes that are the inevitable aftermath of such a destructive cultural influence.

Ken is a spirited champion for sexually-exploited women and children, introducing new avenues for training law enforcement and prosecutors in both protecting victims and bringing to justice the victimizers.
In his capacity as Senator and Attorney, he championed for better quality and access of treatment for mentally-impaired persons.

Ken Cuccinelli has been an absolute bloodhound at both locating and stopping Medicaid fraud, recovering more stolen taxpayer dollars than anyone else in the history of his office, as well as being extremely astute at shutting down scammers and fraud within the stream of commerce.

Mr. Cuccinelli is the champion of - and absolutely epitomizes - local-level sovereignty regarding landowners' property rights against Big Government Eminent Domain, greatly decreasing people being forced to sell their land for development and tax revenue interests.
His standard of government transparency and accountability are second-to-none, writing law which lays out all state expenditures online for all Virginians to view.
Ken is an honorable and tested diplomat with a firm embrace of  the Constitution.
Cuccinelli's Academic background is impeccable. He earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia, a master’s degree in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University, and his juris doctor from the George Mason University School of Law and Economics.
In future Governor Ken Cuccinelli, we have a seasoned professional with a passionate grasp of protecting the home front, the homestead, and the traditional values of the Commonwealth.

We have a god-fearing, humble and universally-accessible leader to lead us forward. A man's man. An honest man. A man of vision, prosperity, and accountability. Ken Cuccinelli is the man for Virginia's honorable path forward.

Here, we see Veteran Democrat strategist David Saunders praising Ken Cuccinelli (Whom he calls "Cooch"), despite the Political party difference:

“I’m a Democrat, and not a corporatist. I don’t support corporatist candidates [referring to Terry McAuliffe]...People want to know why all these big business people are jumping behind McAuliffe". Saunders, who lives outside Roanoke, said he might rethink his support if McAuliffe released eight years of his tax returns, as Cuccinelli has done.